Whoopi Goldberg has had enough of conservative congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. The View co-host released her frustration on the ABC talk show on Monday, tearing up her notes during a discussion about Greene.

The segment began with The View showing a video of Greene making controversial comments during her recent 60 Minutes appearance, Decider reported. The congresswoman said during the interview that Democrats “support grooming children” and “sexualizing children.”

Goldberg then asked her co-hosts if it’s fair to blame 60 Minutes for helping to “legitimize her ridiculous rhetoric.”

“People are upset with 60 Minutes because it’s such a respected program [and] Lesley Stahl is such a respected journalist, and so people hold them up to a high level, and this is not the level that we expect of them,” co-host Ana Navarro said.

Sara Haines also agreed, saying the show was “giving her a louder microphone than she deserves or has earned.”

Sunny Hostin, however, said she wasn’t bothered by the interviewed because “[Greene] looked like an idiot.”

Hostin also said the most troubling fact was how Stahl conducted the interview.

“I wanted statistics and push-backs … you know Lesley always got a book full of receipts,” she said. “Where were they? Where were the receipts? They weren’t anywhere.”

Goldberg continued to become more angry as the discussion continued. The 67-year-old TV star said Greene claims to be a “protector of children,” yet she “wants more guns in schools.”

Goldberg also reminded the audience that Greene once called for Nancy Pelosi to “be hung for treason.”

Before she can continue with her rant, Goldberg paused and pondered about what she wanted to say next.

“No, I’m not even going to say that, I’m not going to say it,” she said before ripping her notes.

The popular TV icon capped off her frustration with one last comment.

“We have people on these committees who have no brain power and the capacity to continue to ignore any facts or push-back,” Goldberg said. “She doesn’t care if you push back on her. She’s one of those people who just is gonna do what she does. And you don’t have to watch it — I did not.”