No pain, no gain. That’s something we’ve all learned to live by, but it still doesn’t mean we have to suffer through the process, right?

A lot of us get outside more in the summer, whether we’re training for that 5K, joining a company softball league, or even doing yardwork. We’re more active when it’s warm out, and that can lead to soreness.

This summer, BENGAY®,  the #1 doctor recommended brand for topical pain relief, is here to support those who strive to bring their ‘A-game,’ despite knowing they may be sore as a result. That’s what being a Sore Winner is all about. By relieving their pain, BENGAY® encourages #SoreWinners to give it their all so they can win again tomorrow.

Former basketball All-Stars Baron Davis and Paul Pierce know a thing or two about being #SoreWinners. Having played 17 and 19 years of professional basketball, they have lots of experience giving it their all, even with the aches and pains that come with playing at that level.

Watch what happens when Davis and Pierce surprise 16 rec-league basketball players with the game of a lifetime. Watch how these players became #SoreWinners by giving it their all here: 

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