Today, I’m thrilled to announce the addition of website and company, Shadow & Act, into the Blavity network. Shadow and Act is the number one destination for entertainment news, opinion and dialogue around film of the African diaspora.

I remember reading Shadow and Act as a college student, consuming as many stories as I could for inspiration and motivation. For those who know me, you know I watch insane amounts of TV and am always looking for new stories. I was an early fan of Awkward Black Girl (currently #teamlawrence), binged every Black and Sexy TV series in college and grew up in a basement surrounded by posters of Spike Lee and Rick Famuyiwa movies. 

What Tambay has done over the past 8 years is incredible. He has faithfully shined a light on films that otherwise might have gone unnoticed, talented directors with visions, and opportunities for people just starting out to find their footing. His passion has inspired others to find theirs, and continue to push the boundaries of the stories we see and don’t see. 

In working closely with Tambay over the past few months, our executive team and I have been able to see first hand how committed he has been to his vision, and the incredible foundation he has built. Shadow & Act has a history of making sure WE are visible and counted both in front of and behind the camera. From film, to television, to insightful interviews with the faces behind the camera, Shadow and Act has been a beacon and a platform. 

Last spring Tambay sent a note out to followers about the transition of Shadow and Act from its relationship with Indie Wire and thinking about next steps.  As soon as I read that note I said to myself: This can’t happen, I have to help. The more I learned about the inner workings of Shadow and Act the more I was encapsulated by Tambay’s work and eager to help create more opportunities for young creators of color.

What's Next For Shadow and Act?

Over the next few months we’ll be working closely to expand Shadow And Act’s reach, create exclusive written and video content and find new ways to empower the makers and creators of the future. We want to make sure there are richer discussions, more opportunities for engagement and a continued focus on highlighting the voices of tomorrow, starting today. 

Blavity is centered and focused on community and we want to get right to work supporting the indie work and creative projects of black creatives. If you’re a filmmaker, director, producer or just someone with a mobile camera and a dream, I want to hear from you. Drop a link to your film or media project HERE and let us know what you’re working on! 

Have ideas on what you’d love to see on the Shadow and Act platform? Hit us in the comments, we’ll be there too.

This is an incredible day for our community and Blavity. I’m overjoyed for what the future holds as we continue to work towards building platforms and spaces for us to be seen, felt and affirmed. 


Founder, CEO