Honestly, I’m still baffled as to how catcalling is still a prevalent method men resort to when they see a beautiful woman walking by. Personally, I don’t know any scenario where catcalling has actually worked. I don’t ever recall a moment in where, as a woman, I felt empowered or gassed by someone hollering sexist crap to me as I mind my business walking down the street.

According to Webster’s dictionary, catcalling is when someone makes a whistle, shout or comment of a sexual nature to a woman passing by. There is a level of deeply rooted discomfort, resentment and pure disgust a woman experiences when she is confronted with, “Ayo ma, you looking gorgeous! Can we talk?”

Cat-callers are like mosquitoes women can never dodge, no matter how much repellent they apply.


Yes, catcalling is a form of harassment.

Don’t believe me? When women were asked if they’ve ever been catcalled, data demonstrated that over 99 percent said they had in fact experienced some form of street harassment. The same data revealed 95 percent expressed they’ve been honked at on a frequent basis, 57 percent said they’ve actually been physically touched or grabbed aggressively in public, 81 percent have been victims of sexually explicit comments and 37 percent said they’ve had a stranger masturbate in front of them in public. I could continue hitting y’all with the facts, but this issue isn’t fully addressed, ever.

Expecting a polite response from woman after being sexually objectified is indeed harassment. Yelling negative unsolicited responses after a woman dubs your so-called “compliment” is also harassment. It’s such a misleading myth that catcalling is a form of flattery to some women. It isn’t. We hate it, and it really needs to stop.

Yes, my b*tch face will prevail until you come correct.

Why? Because 75 percent of women have actually been followed by an unknown stranger. It's unfortunate to also know that catcalling began at the age of 10 for most girls. I’ve personally had a man curse me all the way down the block in my neighborhood, and actually threaten to put his hands on me, all due to this catcalling nonsense. Nowadays, I hope that I look at my phone intently enough or cross to the opposite side when I see a crowd of men gathered. I’d rather not deal. But if I have to, my b*tch face should let you know I’m not with the shenanigans.

No, it’s not working, y’all. And it never will.

It’s that natural sense of entitled attention men have that really gets me. Men, do you think because you’ve said a sexually motivated comment that I’m supposed to be flattered? Nah. Catcalling never impressed anyone. If anything, it makes a woman more repulsed by your false pretenses, because there’s not much of a follow through after “Ayo ma!” It’s really white noise at this point. I know impeaching Trump would happen before finding a global consensus on catcalling, but let’s give these stank faces, throw these curve balls and embarrass these cat-callers until further notice.