Last week, you might have noticed the #WitsFeesMustFall hashtag. It was a result of action by students at the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa in response to proposals for a 10.5 percent fee increase at the university. Despite the university’s decision to suspend the increase for the purpose of negotiations, there is a growing movement of students protesting in universities across the country and the hashtags #FeesMustFall and #NationalShutDown are gaining momentum.

On Monday, students from the University of Witwatersrand, Rhodes University and the University of Cape Town held rallies in opposition to plans to increase tuition fees. The protests have led to the shutdown of campuses as well as public roads — and they’re spreading. There have been reports of a heavy police presence at a number of institutions, with tensions increasing. Tuesday saw the arrests of students at the University of Cape Town. Students have reported coming under violent attack from police as well as members of the public. Some of the universities have even sought to obtain court orders to prevent students from protesting.

In addition to rising fees, students are protesting to highlight a number of issues, including the outsourcing of labour and the need to decolonize education. These protests follow closely behind protests earlier this year against where South African university students rallied against remnants of apartheid in the education system. Racial inequities remain a problem in South Africa, with the average income of black families lower than that of white families. A major concern of the protesters is that poorer black students, in particular, will be excluded from education by the higher fees.

The protests are continuing today, with students and supporters surrounding parliament demanding answers from the Education Minister, Blade Nzimande. As ever, Twitter is enabling voices on the ground and in the midst of the protests to be heard. The tweets below are from Twitter accounts that you can follow to stay informed:

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