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You know that ex or old hook-up who always wants to pop up when you’re doing your best? They come around when you post that fire bikini picture in St. Barts or get a job promotion. They always slide their way into your DMs with an “I’m proud of you,” or the famous, “I see you.”

What you really need to say to them is, "You can see the door when it closes behind you."

Now, I’ve made the mistake over and over again to allow these relationships back into my life, expecting a different result. I’ve blamed it on the “Leo loyalty.” However, I found the relationship is never the same as it once was. The trust isn’t the same and everything down to the body language is a bit off. This, my friends, is how you end up in a five-year “situation-ship.” You know, the ones where if they post a picture of you you’re referred to as the homie, even though you’ve been hooking up for three plus years. 

Sometimes people change, but oftentimes they do not, and these relationships have no room in your flourishing adult life. Leave the immaturity and constant questioning for your early 20s. As we grow, so do the standards that we must uphold. If you are constantly unsure of where your relationship stands or you’re even feeling uneasy asking about the future, then this man may not be for you at this time. You deserve the nice date, to meet their friends and hell, even get your nails done once in a while. 

This person will not fall into your lap, but once you get it, all the inconveniences of your other situations will be worth it. Indeed, sometimes things come up and men do become busy with their work and personal lives, but more times than not they will make time for you — if you are a priority to them. 

When you’re in a causal romantic relationship, you’re going to get tired, fed up and cynical. Nothing is wrong with you — you’re not ugly, fat, boring or clingy. Not everyone has the same heart as you. Take this time to invest in yourself and glow. Being single is not a bad thing. It's time to work on your goals, body and friendships. Once you improve on yourself, better mates will come along. You can’t turn a city boy into a city husband. 

Remember: He’s texting other girls, so wine ya hips and go enjoy your summer sis.