Wakanda Forever has surpassed the expectations of moviegoers. The highly anticipated sequel to Black Panther was expected to be an emotional roller coaster with the death of Chadwick Boseman. Most of the supporting cast reprised their roles and their return allowed writers to expand on the characters’ stories. One, in particular, was Winston Duke’s character, M’Baku. As the leader of Wakanda’s Jabari tribe, Duke showcased his leadership skills as well as his humor.

Duke’s character was responsible for several one-liners that broke up moments of intense emotions. His increased visibility has fans like @ogbrownnerd acknowledging him as one of the most comedic characters in the film. Much of his lovable sarcasm and quick wit can be credited to writer and director Ryan Coogler. However, his funniest line was all his own.

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The improvised “You baldheaded demon” line was one of the funniest insults he spewed out during the film. The line was directed at Okoye, played by actress Danai Gurira. In an “elder meeting” scene, the decision-makers of Wakanda are discussing the safety of the tribe. After a disagreement about the plan of action for the people, Duke takes the shot at Gurira. Although improvised, Gurira plays into the shock instantly. Her quick reaction made for a great scene.

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Duke’s increased presence in Wakanda Forever wasn’t just to serve as eye candy — it was very intentional.

According to Slash Films, Duke negotiated a sizable salary increase based on the popularity of Black Panther.

The salary increase ensured that Duke would be a pivotal character in the film, with room for expansion.

Duke tweeted his intentions behind his portrayal of M’Baku this time around and how the funny insult was all part of the plan.

“The intention for Mbaku in this film is to serve as the vent for a pressure cooker & that’s what influenced this improvisational gem, amongst others …

“you baldheaded demon!” Duke wrote.

Getting to know more about the Jabari leader and his deep reverence for protecting Wakanda is a perfect setup for an even larger role in any additions to the story of Wakanda.

Although Marvel has not confirmed any speculations regarding a third Black Panther film, the “Wakanda Will Return” placard at the end of the most recent film credits has fans wanting more.