If you’ve ever thought finding a partner with sense was a long and drawn out process, full of arbitrary signs (because in your head, if they like three of your photos, y'all do go together), you’re absolutely right. 

Better yet, finding a partner who understands how identity can shape your experiences without being told, “Oh, babe you’re just overreacting” or “You’re being too sensitive,” is even harder. If you’ve tried the dating apps, sliding in DMs or try to find someone the old fashioned way, it isn’t crazy that you’ve thought about sending applications or standardized tests to make sure you won’t waste your time on a class A dummy.

Thankfully, there is a little hope that you can find a woke bae, who can try to understand your position and even stand up for you when those layers of oppression play out. There’s still hope!

Gather yourself. These men are fine, black and will most definitely pass your test!