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13 Reminders From Curl Fest On Black Girl Magic At Any Texture

My second year at the festival, and walking into Curl Fest still felt similar to walking into a family function where you have a bunch of cousins you don’t know. You stick close to the friends/family you came with, but every once in a while someone would reach out. And instead of some random relative telling you that they haven’t seen you since you were a baby or comment on...

The Other Side Of Hair Privilege: Dark Skin With “Good Hair”?

There were subtle signs throughout my girlhood that taught me just how important my hair was. And sometimes, it felt more important than the other parts of me. That time when I was six years old and decided to cut off a pigtail. It felt good, so I kept clipping. Afterward, I received a spanking that was memory worthy according to my sister. The time a couple made a bet in the mall over...

SZA's 'Ctrl' Proves That Vulnerability Is Liberation

Listening to SZA’s Ctrl feels like diving head first into the gray area of your dating life; it’s this weird place where your sexual urges sometimes consume your desire to find someone you would like enough to consider a second date, all while figuring out the kind of love you deserve. That’s the beauty of SZA’s latest album and her music; she sings about...