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Nia Decaille Nia Decaille

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Afro Punk 2017: The Reality Of Maintaining Safe Black Spaces In Grassroots Movements

Afro Punk, a familiar in the epoch of black festivals, has created safe spaces for blackness to be expressed beyond the stretch of our imagination. It has also had those roots challenged. Is Afro Punk adhering to its roots in black culture? Are they being intentional enough about celebrating blackness? Have the past few years watered it down?It's true, some of us—like...

Founder Of Code Fever, Felecia Hatcher-Pearson, Debunks Ideas About Black Tech Spaces

Carving out what the black tech community actually looks like is similar to solving a lengthy equation if you’re reading the news; there are many variables and few discussions about how to solve for economic inequality. The shocking stories and headlines about the lack of diversity at large tech companies, like Google, paints the following narrative: A few black people work in...

13 Reminders From Curl Fest On Black Girl Magic At Any Texture

My second year at the festival, and walking into Curl Fest still felt similar to walking into a family function where you have a bunch of cousins you don’t know. You stick close to the friends/family you came with, but every once in a while someone would reach out. And instead of some random relative telling you that they haven’t seen you since you were a baby or comment on...