A mysterious voice was left on an answering machine threatening to beat the a*s of her manager for being racist. The initial voicemail was allegedly sent to a “wrong number,” according to Bossip.

The voice went viral on Twitter, YouTube and TikTok, due in large part to the intensity and specifics which the offended voice laid out.

"This message lasts two minutes,” the familiar, robotic prompt on the answering machine announces before a presumed Black woman unleashes her monologue.

“This is for Rachel: you big, fat, white, nasty smelling stank b***h,” the incensed voice began.

“Why you took me off the motherf**king schedule?” the voice earnestly questioned. "With your trifling, dirty white racist a*s – you big, fat b***h? Oompa loompa body ass b***h. I’m coming up there and I’m going to beat the f**k out of you b***h.”

The former worker was unhappy that she no longer worked at whichever establishment it is that is in question.

“And don’t even call the po(e)lice today because I’m going to come up there unexpected and wait on your a*s b***h,” said the woman who had been taken off the schedule without her consent.

“I’m coming to beat the f**k out of you b***h,” the voice said with certainty.

“Because you did that on purpose. You ‘aundry (ornery) racist white a*s, thin-haired b***h…Because I’ma show you, not to play with Jasmine Collins’ money b***h. Because that’s the first thing you did…Because I told you what the f**k was going on. You motherf**kers hate to see Black people doing good.”

The mystery voice has indeed been revealed as Jasmine Collins, a woman who had apparently been fired under what she believed to be racist conditions. According to the voice message, she was as serious about her money as she was about racism and thin hair. It was unclear what the intended person on the other end of the phone, Rachel, did “on purpose,” but whatever it was, it that the first thing she did.

Twitter had a field day with the recording, and after the voice message went viral, having been uploaded to the web by an unnamed source, the internet began looking for Jasmine Collins, so of course, it found her.

A video of Ms. Collins on Instagram Live, detailing the backstory behind her masterfully orated message to her former boss, was discovered.

“And I said everything the f**k I said, and I’ll say that s**t again,” Collins said while flipping her box braids.

“That b***h blocked me from her extension number, so I left that shit on the main motherf**king line."

The case had been solved; Collins had left a voicemail for Rachel after having not been able to reach her extension directly. This story could’ve ended, but there was a delightful unexpected twist.

One month after Collins was let go, the Human Resources officer allegedly called Collins and offered her Rachel’s job. It turned out, Rachel was fired for discrimination.

It remains unclear if Collins accepted the offer for Rachel’s job.