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Woman Found Hanging From Tree Outside Georgia Walmart Two Weeks After Man Was Discovered Hanging From Bridge

This is eerie.

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A woman has been found hanging from a tree near a Georgia Walmart.

WSB-TV reports the woman was found hanging from a tree in the parking lot of a Walmart in College Park, Georgia, on early Monday morning, May 14.

Investigators say the woman’s legs were resting at a 45-degree angle. The death has been ruled a suicide.

Two weeks ago, an unidentified man was found hanging from a bridge close to downtown Atlanta. The man was suspended from the bridge using a chain wrapped around his neck. His death was also ruled a suicide. According to the AJC, witnesses say they heard someone yell "don't do it" before the body was discovered. 

The race of the deceased has not been confirmed in either case.

Nonetheless, people are on edge.

This is eerie. Hopefully, investigators get to the bottom of this issue. 

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