Protests continued a second night after the murder of Keith Scott on Tuesday. With protests causing the Governor of North Carolina to call for a State of Emergency, the anger and rage of the community is prevalent. Last night Fox News reporter Steve Harrington was on the ground in Charlotte investigating rumors of the now confirmed shooting of Justin Carr by police.

While Steve Harrington was reporting, he was interrupted by a woman who was peacefully protesting. Making her stance known immediately, we can feel the passion and emotion behind her words saying “It’s okay for our brothers and our fathers not to come home right?” Through this entire clip Harrington is trying to look into another shooting that was reported earlier. The woman stands her ground and when asked why she was there. She continued “I’m here because…whether I’m here, I’m in school, I’m in my car…I can still get shot by the police.”

The last minute or so of this interview puts an image to the lack of trust we have in the media and law enforcement. As Steve Harrington continues to try to get facts from the woman about the shooting, the protester believed Harrington was trying to get video of the victim to create a fabricated story. She said what a lot of us are thinking during these times and I have to commend her for speaking up on national television.

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