Singer Ari Lennox, who is signed by J. Cole, took to Twitter in the most ingenious social media promotion.

In a Twitter thread and genius marketing tactic for her single “Whipped Cream," Lennox described meeting her now ex-boyfriend on the Plenty of Fish app, falling in love during a Waffle House date and finding herself in a one-sided and tumultuous relationship. But this wasn’t a classic tale of heartbreak because it ended in the announcement of a single created under J. Cole’s Dreamville label.

She said that while she was all in the relationship, he was all out. Given the thread is rather lengthy, we'll summarize:

When Lennox’s bae joined the military, she began to notice a shift; her already distant boyfriend was starting to retreat into himself even further, and that scared her. She continued reaching out and took day-long bus rides to visit him, but he'd never meet her with the same energy.

After one particularly lousy visit, she took the Greyhound back, knowing she would never see him again. In one lucky trick of fate, J. Cole signed her soon after, and that experience helped her create her new single, “Whipped Cream,” from her heart.

Reaching the end of the thread, Twitter users were both surprised by the low-key promotion and song drop but also had to offer their respect. Sis pulled them in, and after that story, you can’t help but wonder what parts she included in the single.

Now, that's how you promote a single. 

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