Nellie-Jean Robinson, a 35-year-old woman from Florida, is using social media to redefine perceptions about Hirsutism, a condition which causes an excess growth of dark hair on the skin of people who who were assigned female at birth. 

Robinson, who has been showing off her facial hair on Instagram and TikTok, said she is striving to uplift others who may be struggling with Hirsutism, which can be the result of a hormonal disorder known as polycystic ovary syndrome. 

"My goal was to reach my 14-year-old self or any young woman who was struggling with the same affliction," she told BuzzFeed. "So they would know that they’re not alone and that they are beautiful and don’t have to be embarrassed or ashamed of having facial hair."

Until recently, the Florida bank employee shaved her facial hair daily. Now, she has a different routine.

"In the past five months, I have been waxing, which is every four weeks, and I no longer shave," she said.