I suppose you could consider it a companion piece to Byron Hurt's recently-released Soul Food Junkies – all part of a movement towards better eating and living within our communities. 

As the tag-line says, "Feel Rich in 2013: Join the Movement!"

All the details via press release below:


Groundbreaking Feature Film to be Executive Produced by Legendary Music and Film Producer Quincy D. Jones

LOS ANGELES (Jan. 16, 2013) – XLrator Media has teamed up with leading lifestyle brand “Feel Rich” ( to produce an inspirational feature film about the urban health and fitness movement. Set for release in Fall 2013, Feel Rich: Health is the New Wealth will offer actionable information to combat the epidemic of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other health crises affecting multicultural individuals and families. It will also address issues of food politics and the scarcity of nutritious food in certain geographic areas.

“Feel Rich” is a healthy lifestyle movement created in 2011 by 40-time platinum, Grammy and Emmy Award-winning producer Quincy Jones III (QD3) and digital media entrepreneur Shawn Ullman, in conjunction with music legend Quincy D. Jones. Feel Rich was founded on the belief that the health and fitness industry needed a remix, and the messages needed to be clearer, motivational and speak to people in a relatable way. “Our audience needs information that they can act on today, with the means and resources actually available in their community,” said QD3. The deal was announced today by XLrator Media CEO Barry Gordon, QD3 and Ullman.

“Feel Rich is poised to join the canon of important, life-affirming films such as Forks Over Knives, Super-Size Me, An Inconvenient Truth, and others that continue to educate and entertain millions of people, in addition to fostering positive lifestyle changes around the world,” said Gordon.

The partnership reunites QD3, Gordon and Academy Award-nominated director Peter Spirer who collaborated on such seminal hip-hop documentaries as Tupac Shakur: Thug Angel and the Beef series.

What started out as an idea to make scientific health information more accessible to today’s hip-hop culture has turned into a full-fledged movement across multiple media and digital platforms. Feel Rich owns and operates multiple media platforms and has a vast network of influencers and role models – from celebrities to fitness trainers, single mothers to entrepreneurs. These influencers act as change agents in their communities to empower people to make better food choices and lead healthier lifestyles.

“It is our belief that person’s wealth starts with their health,” said QD3. “We cannot do great things without our health, and this film will give communities everywhere the knowledge and tools to effect social change. We’ve seen that even small changes in nutrition and fitness can have a significant impact on health, attitude and psyche.”

With over 5 million monthly views on their YouTube network alone, Feel Rich is one of the fastest-growing digital health and wellness brands in the world. They have been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and their success has attracted Fortune 500 companies such as Johnson & Johnson with their “text4baby” mobile app partnership with R&B singer Tyrese. In February, Feel Rich will launch a national campaign with the American Heart Association’s “Go Red For Women” movement called “Feel Rich Goes Red.” In addition, the company was chosen to be part of First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” team to fight childhood obesity.