Yale graduate student Lolade Siyonbola says the white student who called the police on her has a history of snitching.

Siyonbola was asleep in the dorm common area when her classmate, who internet detectives identified as Sarah Braasch, interrupted her slumber to tell her she was not allowed to sleep there.

“It had already been like a stressful week, you know, ahead of this,” Siyonbola told Good Morning America on Monday, May 14. “I had barely been sleeping, so to sort of be on the couch and for the lights to come on, I was like, ‘Who is interrupting my nap?’ after all and to see that it was Sarah, of all people, because she had called the police on my friend before. I was just like, 'You've got to be kidding me.'”

Siyonbola recorded a brief argument with Braasch and her interaction with Yale police officers on Facebook Live in early May. Another black Yale student, Reneson Jean-Louis, told CNN Braasch called the police on him in February when he came to the dorm to meet Siyonbola.

Siyonbola believes the university needs to take action against the tattletale to deter her from profiling other students.

“Someone who uses the police in the way that Sarah uses it should be held accountable. Whether that's expulsion [or] some other form of disciplinary action, there needs to be some punitive measures for people who act out of racially motivated bias,” the 34-year-old said.

“If there are punitive measures, I think someone like Sarah will think twice about calling the police.”

Check out Siyonbola’s full interview below: