Love & Hip-Hop is back! And as expected, social media is buzzing about it. But after alleged cheating rumors about L&HH alum Yandy Smith started circulating online, fans are wondering just what the star has been up to lately.

What is ‘Love & Hip-Hop?’

Love & Hip-Hop is a VH1 reality television show featuring a group of Black artists, musicians, producers, and other talents in the hip-hop industry. The original Love & Hip-Hop show premiered in New York in 2011, quickly catapulting to success. And since then, the series has evolved into a super popular franchise with spinoffs in multiple states.

Who is Yandy Smith?

Yandy Smith made a cameo appearance in the very first season of Love & Hip-Hop: New York. She then joined as a permanent cast member in seasons 2-9, and up to season 10 of Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta.

Viewers watched as she chronicled her personal and professional life, including managing rapper Jim Jones, planning her wedding, and even starting a family. As a result, she earned many fans from across the country.

Where is Yandy Smith Now?

Love her or hate her, Yandy Smith knows how to stir up some drama. From her lavish televised wedding to her on-again, off-again friendship with Kimbella, Yandy Smith proves time and time again why she makes for good television. But if you’re wondering what Smith is up to these days, you’re not the only one. Take a look at what the Love & Hip-Hop alum is doing today:

Promoting Bugout Insecticide

Bugout is an insect repellent powder that targets crawling and flying insects, pests, and mites. The company guarantees results within 48 hours of contact, with rave reviews all over social media.

Not to mention, Bugout is a Black-owned company. And because Yandy Smith is all about her business AND people, she partnered with the company to help promote the product.

Smith often posts hilarious, attention-grabbing videos to advertise the powder. Even her father, Ralph Smith, has made a number of cameos in her promotional clips. And even though one of her latest videos sparked a heated exchange between her and IG model Red Spice, fans seem to be loving the product all the same.

Documenting Her Marriage


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Yandy Smith became Yandy Smith-Harris when she married her husband, Mendeecees Harris on national television in 2015. And even though the couple has had its fair share of ups and downs, according to her socials, they’re still very much lucky in love.

Smith-Harris regularly posts pictures and videos of the two as they share their lives together. From play fighting about who has to drive to joking about bathroom etiquette, the lovebirds are definitely giving fans something to talk about.


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Despite their challenges, the love between the two remains the same. In an interview with People, Mendecees explains the dynamic of their relationship. “So of course, like normal couples, we agree and disagree.” He says, adding, “But the best thing about that is outside the agreeing and disagreeing, we respect each other.”

Building Yelle Skincare


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Yandy Smith is a beautiful woman, so it’s fitting that she started a beauty and skincare company called Yelle Skincare. At Yelle Skincare, your beauty really is skin deep. The company specializes in creating quality products with natural ingredients for all skin types. Not to mention, each product is plant-based and environmentally friendly so you can not only look good but feel good about your purchase as well.


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But that’s not all. Yelle Skincare products help alleviate common skin conditions such as razor bumps or acne. They even started The Brave Collection, a lineup of products for men, including aftershave toners and daily moisturizers.

Managing Motherhood


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Yandy Smith shares five children with her husband, Mendeecees Harris. She gave birth to her two youngest, Skylar and Omere, while the two oldest boys are Mendeecee’s sons from a previous relationship. And in 2020, the couple adopted their daughter Infiniti and since then, have never looked back.

Smith regularly highlights her family on social media, giving fans a behind-the-scenes look into their lives off-camera. And judging by their hilarious shenanigans, the family is all about having fun.


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From Mendeecees Jr. starting his own hair care business to baby girl showing us her best rendition of Destiny’s Child’s “So Good”, this family shows fans the true meaning of “home, sweet home.”

Launching a Line of Nail Polishes


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Even though Yandy Smith is a big reality TV personality, she’s all about her business. The entrepreneur has her hands in multiple pots, from skincare to insecticide.

She and her sister Lakisha Randolph partnered with Color Club to launch an exclusive line of nail polishes called K ‘Laurelle. Her youngest daughter, Skylar, joined in on the collab as well, creating her own line of kid-friendly colorful lacquers. Together, the women created a collection of nail products designed to make every woman feel beautiful.

From fruit-scented nail polishes to “Mommy & Me” nail kits, K’Laurelle has everything you need and more when it comes to nail colors.