Outspoken actress and activist Yara Shahidi posted a rousing video on Twitter Saturday to call out America's love for guns, and its historic mistreatment of black people. 

In the video, the 18-year-old shared how she really felt about America's twisted relationship with guns in the wake of the Feb. 14 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School mass shooting which sparred the March for Our Lives protests Saturday.

"My protest is viewed as a public disturbance," she said in the video. "The death of my leaders is viewed as a public service." She went on to preach that Americans' protests and constant outcry for justice have historically been met with hostility and backlash. 

As lawmakers bend over backwards to protect guns, Shahidi alluded to the Flint water crisis, the anti-miscegenation laws that prevented people of color from marrying white people and anti-LGBT legislation  -- as she concluded that gun rights seemingly trump everyone else's. 

"Unchecked policing leading my community with dread," Shahidi said while referencing the uptick of police brutality in black and brown communities. "You tell me guns protect me from hate but who do you speak of. Because it hasn't protected my aunties, my uncles, my brothers, my sisters and fellow classmates." 

In the short video, she dismantles notions that guns in the right hands will help communities. Her generation has had enough of dogmatic rhetoric. They seek change and they won't stop until they get it.

Shahidi joins other high-profile Hollywood entertainers speaking at the March for Our Lives rallies around the country. 

"We are witnessing our generation, actively come together, in a global conversation, demanding action from lawmakers to invest in and assure our right to safety," Shahidi said in the video. 

"I am inspired and motivated to continue to contribute through action, and am honored to be joining March for Our Lives in Los Angeles this Saturday, to stand in solidarity with my peers from across the country, to demand an end to the gun violence plaguing our schools and our communities, once and for all."

Watch the "Grownish" star's rousing speech below: