Many of us have dreams, aspirations, hopes and wishes that die with us when we're buried. They were never manifested. We never had the courage to put them out into the world. 

But we also have that inner voice that whispers louder and louder the more we fade away from pursuing what we're passionate about. We know this, but we still don't take the requisite action or make those necessary sacrifices that will ultimately lead us to our end goal. We all know this story well, and it might be yours. 

That was certainly mine — until now. 

I am passionate about building a more empathetic society. That's why this year, I'm going on a yearlong travel journey through 12 different cities in 10 different countries to explore different cultures of people around the world. The hope is that through learning from other peoples cultures, we can uncover what unites us all, and begin to put an end to the ignorance that serves solely as a symptom of lack of exposure. 

Yes, I said we, because I want you to come with me. On a biweekly basis, I'll post a 5–10 minute video of what happened the previous two weeks of my journey. Together, we'll have authentic exchanges and conversations while exploring the art, food, history, nature, government and media of these various places. At the end, I'm confident we'll become a little more open-minded and aware about the people in the world around us, as an ever-growing, Extended Family

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