You probably saw this young dude all over your timeline this summer.

A video posted by @officialyoungdylan on

Dylan Gilmer, a 7-year-old from Annapolis, Maryland (known on Instagram as @officialyoungdylan), went viral on social media for his new flawless execution of some of Drake’s biggest hits.

A video posted by @officialyoungdylan on

After a video of him singing Bryson Tiller “blew up,” Dylan’s father and mom, DeAundra DeJesus, decided to create a personal Instagram account for him, they told the Capital Gazette.


A video posted by @officialyoungdylan on

Dylan appeared on Monday’s episode of Ellen, showcasing his talents to the world and thanking his supporters. His mother said that he’s always wanted to appear on Ellen and meet her.

He told Ellen that he wants to be a rapper when he’s older because “all the rappers get a lot of mansions,” and plans to have one for himself, one of his parents, and the rest for orphans.

And of course, he had to take to the stage, performing Drake & DJ Khaled’s “For Free.” Watch the video below!

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