When we said Black Panther proved how true the adage "representation matters" was, we weren't kidding! 

As the film continues to smash box office numbers, it is having a special effect on the younger black generation, which is getting to see a mainstream and successful superhero that looks like them.

This week, one of those young folks, Jordan of Florida, re-enacted the scene where M'Baku challenges T'Challa for the throne.

And he didn't just play M'Baku! Jordan played the roles Zuri, T'Challa and the Jabari leader, nailing Forest Whitaker's accent on the popular line, "The king will have the strength of the Black Panther stripped away," the thunderous Jabari entrance, as well as M'Baku's warrior fight with T'Challa. 

His mother, Brittni-Rae, posted the now-viral video on her Instagram account:

The sheer accuracy is unmatched! Ya'll hear that M'Baku chant? Jordan bodied the #MBakuChallenge!

In case you're wondering how Jordan pulled this off … well, he studied! He and his mother went to see Black Panther in theaters five times according to Brittni-Rae's Twitter account.

A true thespian! Jordan is clearly a star so we're putting out a call to Hollywood: hire him for all the things! Please and thank you. 

Photo: GIPHY