Have you ever stopped to think about what makes you… YOU? Is it your hair, eyebrows, facial features or a certain body part? For Asha Mandela, her crown of glory is her hair. She actually holds the current reputation of having the world’s longest dreadlocks.

Personally, I admire women like Asha for their natural beauty and security in wearing their hair the way they want to, despite society’s standard of beauty. I’ve had my own Sisterlocks for almost eight years now and each year I grow fonder of my locks and natural hair. I couldn’t imagine it being in any other style and I love to call my Sisterlocks my crown of glory.

Check out this short video above as she talks about her dreadlocks and how much love she has for them and how they helped her to find her new husband.

Photo: Asha Mandela
Photo: Asha Mandela

Sound off in the comments, do you consider your hair your crown of glory?

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