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Has Social Media Ruined Humanity?

Earlier today, my husband’s phone vibrated and sung loudly, more than usual. The flickering light indicated that notifications waited for him. What he did not expect to receive were a few spiteful, harsh and demoralizing business reviews.What prompted such an uproar?The prior evening, he had completed his regular social media marketing, except this time, he accidentally posted...

Finally, an online yoga community for people of color

As a black yoga student and teacher, I get thrilled when something new comes around. It’s even more meaningful when that “something new” is created for us and by us. Yoga has been hijacked and commercialized by mainstream media. We are shown what it means to be and look like a yogi and that image is a skinny, sexy, flexible and rich white woman. Unfortunately, the damage is so deep I...

My journey into womanhood

I’m learning that the older I get, the better I get. Bold statement, right? It’s true, though. As I think about my past and how I’ve grown as a person and a woman, I'm surprised to see the person I’ve become. It’s so different than how I used to be . I can confidently say I love the woman I have become and continue to grow to be. I’ve found my voice and I’m not afraid to use it. For...