Gang Signs & Prayer, John Boyega everywhere, Daniel Kaluuya blowing up and now this new book news — the British brothers are making moves this spring.

You’ve seen the Chicken Connoisseur, yeah? We introduced you to him a while back.

If you'd missed it, now you're all caught up. The 23-year-old baby-faced epicurean dandy, government name Elijah Quashie, blew late last year in part thanks to a boost from Mr. Finn, John Boyega himself.

The natty youth roams London for his series The Pengest Munch, focusing on telling the world where to find the most delicious fried chicken in his city. (For those wondering, “pengest” in this context is synonym for greatest, most awesome, most lit.)

His videos have been lauded for not only giving viewers the straight dope on tasty chicken, but for featuring excellent editing, smart jokes, being packed with British slang and for always featuring fresh sneakers.

On top of all of this well-deserved viral success, The Bookseller reports that the Chicken Connoisseur has been signed by Blink Publishing to pen a 160-page hardcover British fried chicken bible, which will feature reviews of the top 50 chicken shops across the island as nominated by fried chicken aficionados the world over.

If you know a little something about the U.K.’s fried chicken scene, you can suggest a spot for inclusion in the book here. The tome, entitled In Search of the Nation’s 50 Favourite Chicken Establishments, is set to bow October 5.

To tide you over until then, we’ll leave you with one of our favorite Pengest Munch episodes, in which the Connoisseur comes to America and gives poor marks to a few of New York City's finest fried chicken spots. Congratulations, Elijah!