Grammy-winning producer Zaytoven touched down in Austin, Texas, for Blavity Inc.’s AFROTECH Conference to showcase his creative skills to attendees.

The second day of AFROTECH was full of panelists and talent who are industry disrupters and trendsetters in a diverse set of fields that utilize technology.

In addition to all the fireside chats, the Atlanta record producer’s two-day activation, “Zaytoven’s Mama’s Basement Studio,” kicked off at the conference. The unique interactive studio session allows anyone attending the conference to see him in his creative zone as he puts together new beats live.

When the pop-up studio debuted, the innovator was joined by Million Dollaz Worth of Game‘s podcast co-host Wallo, who watched in awe like everyone else as the 43-year-old crafted new music on-site. As the music caught attendees’ attention, they excitedly gathered around the pop-up studio to witness how Zaytoven works. Eventually, he took a minor break to take pictures with the live audience and Wallo.

When he hopped back in the studio behind the piano and beatmaker to continue creating new music, he brought another friend along with vocals to help him put together what he felt was a Texas-style beat. After the musician found a sweet spot for the song he produced, he asked the onlookers to hop on the mic and show off their talent if they were singers or rappers. That’s when two attendees decided to take his offer and show off their musical skills.

Armani Jenkins, one of the participants who freestyled, shared with Blavity that he wanted to share his talent because he wouldn’t forgive himself if he didn’t go for it.

“It was pretty dope. That was Zaytoven making a beat, that’s pretty incredible,” the Maryland resident said. “I was nervous a little bit. I haven’t done music in a while, but it’s a talent God’s given me. I felt like I had something to say and that was a dope beat to say it on, so that was pretty cool. A great experience.”

Jenkins continued, “I’m not confident at all. I’ve just always been like this my whole life, so it’s like I’ve embarrassed myself a lot, so I said, ‘You know embarrassing myself one more time won’t hurt if I feel good about it.’ I would’ve felt worse if I didn’t go up there and say anything and take the opportunity ’cause you never know. You get one life, you gotta take every shot you get.”

As heavy hitters make their way to AFROTECH Conference Stages, more gems are expected. Don’t miss out on your chance to be enlightened! Purchase your tickets here.