Group chats and GroupMe are the AOL chat rooms for Millennials.  We love having group chats whether it’s your friends, frat, people planning an outing, or folks with similar interests.  Although there are sooooo many benefits from group chats, there are definitely some downsides.  Here are 10 annoying people you find in a group chat. Don’t worry, we’re all guilty of being one of these people every now and then.

Attention seekers

It’s especially annoying when someone finds a way to center every conversation going on about them.  They’ll typically have 7 messages in a row as if they’re thinking aloud all while texting the group.  If someone ever goes as far as posts selfies, give unnecessary updates to the group as if it is their twitter, or will ask the group chat before asking Google, they’re actually spam.  They’re a special kind of annoying.  You can enjoy the person, but sometimes the group chat is giving you an overdose.

Fake Deep Inspiration

When someone posts an inspirational meme that looks like it came from a parody Chief Keef page, it’s time for them to be purged from the group or you have to leave.  The “Rise and Grind” posts are unnecessary and uninspiring.  If you get love advice from a parody Wiz Khalifa page, we don’t need to be in a group chat together.

“oops. wrong chat”

If you’re sober and post something that is clearly in the wrong chat, you gots to be mo careful, b.  This can not only get you caught up, it can come off as pretentious as you try to show something that we really don’t care about.  Just check the name at the top before you post, fam.

Abrupt Subject Change

Because when you’re way deep into laughs or totally focused on some good conversation, the last thing you want is someone changing the subject to something you don’t care about.

Personal Conversations

Because if you want to have a personal conversation with someone… idk…. maybe you should TEXT THEM PERSONALLY.  This would be like needing to email your co-worker and just CC’ing the entire department just because you feel like it.

Not Scrolling Up

This person refuses to scroll up. They typically post memes and links that have been discussed a mere 10 minutes ago.  If you’ve spent a few minutes discussing logistics with your friends, this person will ask you to repost your resolution one more time….. because….. they…. will….. not….. read.

Give us unwarranted information

If you think a group chat is the avenue to constantly provide trivial life updates, guess what? There are plenty of social media outlets and blogs for you to bombard instead of our inboxes.

Bad grammar

You have no idea how frustrating it is to have to read your messages 4 times to understand what the move is for the evening all because you were playing Pokemon during English class in middle school.


If you never add anything meaningful to the conversations, have something negative to always say, and just pick at everything, you’re a troll. Be gone.


There can be 40 people in a GroupMe, but only 8 people talk while 20 other people can still tell you exactly what happened in the chat…. Why? Because they’re reading in private. Don’t just lurk. Contribute something, beloved.

We’ve all been one of these. Together, we can work to make group chats productive and fruitful for all parties involved.