Yum Yum! Here Are 10 Foodies Of Color That You Need To Be Following

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Yum Yum! Here Are 10 Foodies Of Color That You Need To Be Following
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| June 22 2017,

03:45 am

Instagram is one of millenials' (and grown grown folks) guilty pleasure. But in a time where we're ingesting so on much social media at once, shouldn't we be able to get something out of it? Whether you're looking for a new brunch spot, want to head on a food tour, or trying to figure out how to throw down in the kitchen ya damn self, these foodies have got you covered.

Here are 10 Foodies of Color You NEED to follow on the Gram! (like now!)

1. Chef Resha

finally got my hands on the Hestan Nanobond skillet by @hestanhome. WOW. listen. i seared my salmon skin-side down then put it in a 425° oven until the internal temp was 130°. not only did this skillet give my fish super crispy skin, but once it was ready to release, it literally glided all over the skillet and i BARELY used my fish spatula to move it. i'm not kidding. idk what kinda magic that is but i'm here for it. i did apply a very thin layer of fat to help it sear (as you should), but i'm still trippin off now clean the release was. i knew once i got this pan that the best way to test it would be with fish cuz fish don't lie. as far as this salmon, i cured it first for 30min a salt/sugar rub, rinsed it, patted dry, then seared it in a little olive oil. basted the finish product with butter, fresh dill from MY GARDEN (yaaas), and lemon and ate tf out of it. "Hestan NanoBond which marks the first innovation in stainless steel cookware in over 100 years. The cookware line was built to last longer and 4x stronger than stainless steel." I'm gonna keep playing around with this pan but so far, VERY good. thank you Hestan for sending me this amazing skillet! catch a glimpse on my snapchat (carnaldish) #hestanskillet #hestannanobond #hestan #forseriouscooksonly #crispyskinsalmon #salmon

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 I have to thank Chef Resha for making a young NYC girl infatuated with Wegman's. Known for her big hair, great jokes, and amazing orange Hennessy flavored wings, you'll definitely step your "Sunday Dinner" game up after following Chef Resha.

2. Chef Roble

Spaghetti Bolognese. One of my favorites and this one is great.

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Chef Fowles

4. The Kitchenista


5. Culinary Colour

Only have a few boring leftovers left in fridge? Culinary Colour will show you how to revamp your leftovers into literally anything. If you're into trying new colorful veggies, Tiffany also explores the benefits of the vegetables that we typically give the side eye to in the grocery store.


6. Sweet Potato Soul



7. The Spice Girl

 Gotta sweet tooth? The Spice Girl will get you together real quick. I mean honestly...a Hennessy Peaches & Cream cake?!  My body is ready.

 8. Food Before Love


Need a new brunch spot for the weekend? Don't know where to get the best Philly Cheeseteak in Philly? Ever wanted to go on a burger tour? Food Before Love is the page for you!


9. FoodFashionParty



10. The Place I Was Telling You About

Brunch Paella never tasted so good 🥘 @boqueria

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Um, two words: Relationship Goals. Based in NY, Marcus Lloyd and R'el Dade travel all over the city and states to put us onto the places we should be spending our coins at. Ah, such heroes. 

Get your fork and your life, and support these beautiful chefs! Tried any of their recipes? Let us know what you thought in the comments!