One of the big complaints about both the first presidential debate and the vice presidential debate was that the moderators were not able to control the debaters, letting President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence run over time, veer off topic and generally ignore the rules.

President Trump completely ran over Fox News host Chris Wallace during the first presidential debate. In one particular moment during a discussion on Obamacare in last Tuesday's debate, Wallace was repeatedly interrupted by the President before even being able to get a question out. The host practically begged Trump to let him finish his questions.

Wednesday's vice presidential debate was slightly more cordial, but still out of control, as Vice President Pence repeatedly refused to answer the questions asked to him by USA Today's Susan Page. In one moment, after Pence obnoxiously went over time, Page turned to Harris and asked her to keep her response brief to which Harris requested she be given "equal time." 

For the next debate, we need someone who can keep the participants in check and say what we've all been thinking.

Here are our top 10 choices: