Friends — how many us have them? Plenty. But there are certain qualities that make someone bestie material: loyalty, humor and being supportive all top the list. As I thought about what makes a great friend, it dawned on me that "October's Very Own" is the pinnacle of #friendshipgoals. Drake has all the qualities of a best friend, and here's why:

1) Loyalty

drake "no new friends"
On  "No New Friends," he told us he is dedicated to the team he has

2) Supportiveness

Drake clapping
Drake loves to clap for his friends. Can't you just imagine him congratulating you on all your major milestones? I am going back to school for my masters degree just so I can invite Drake to my graduation

3) Sense of Humor Have you seen his dance moves?

4) Drama Free

drake "is this guy serious?"
The hot headed friend could be a liability at times but with Drizzy you won't have to worry about this. "Diss me, and you'll never hear a reply for it."

5) he can be Vulnerable

[embed][/embed] Due to Mr. Graham's willingness to share his feelings, don't you feel compelled to do the same? We all have our moments when we want to let our guard down. Let Drizzy help. If Drake was your best friend he could write you a dope song as cry over your #Netflixandchill boo

6) But He isn't a pushover

[embed][/embed] Although you don't want a warlord for a bestie, you certainly don't want a wimp. We all need someone who can stand up for us and have our back (to back) when needed

7) Well-connected

drake star wars
Everyone loves Raymond? Nope, everyone loves Champagne papi! Aubrey has this amazing talent where he is able to remain friends with folks even after he does horrible things like steal your girlfriend (or so I've heard). You know what that means for you? More VIP passes

8) Embraces His "Flaws"

drake conducting
He knows he is considered "soft" but he doesn't care. This is important. If you have a bestie that hasn't accepted themselves in areas you happen to excel in, resentment can build. Relationship killer. Keep singing, keep shining

9) Hard-working

drake as michael jackson
Started from the bottom. Now? We're here

10) Team Player

Drake and Madonna
  Sometimes you need a friend that can take the "L" for the team — why not let it be Drake?   As I compile this list, I'm starting to think Drake isn't the bestie, he's bae. #heyboo


What qualities do you love most about your best friend? Let us know in the comments below!