11 Black Cookout Commandments Just In Case Y’all Don’t Know How To Act This July 4th

Act like you know.

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| July 03 2018,

04:33 am

1. Thou shall not have a cookout if thou has no grill.

2. Thou shall not bring ice and eat everything but ice.

3. Thou shall stick to thine culinary ministry.

4. Thou shall know the difference between a side dish and a condiment.

Potato salad(by THAT auntie), baked beans (not just dumped straight out of the can), macaroni and cheese (not Kraft out the box), collard greens (this is a Glory green-free zone), deviled eggs( if your deviled eggs are runny then they will give the runs and ain't nobody got time for that).

5. Thou shall not touch the grill without the official "Uncle Tony" cookout shoe.

6. Thou shall not bring sensitivity as a plus one.

Tell 'em boy bye!

7. Thou shall not start the wobble, cupid shuffle, or electric slide if you have two left feet.

8. Thou shall have a playlist that includes Prince, Natalie Cole, and Whitney.

9. Thou shall not come empty-handed.

Rule: You can only take home in a brown bag what you brought to cook in the brown bag.

10. Thou shall have a clean house.

11. Thou shall not spark up a political debate over the ribs.

Make sure you follow the 11 commandments.

And as always be great Blavity Fam!

What other protocols should be followed at
 a Black cookout that we missed? Post them below and share this list with your friends.