When you’re at the club, sure you want to have fun in a group (or sometimes alone), but there are certain people you avoid running into at all costs. Unfortunately, doesn’t it seem like those are the folks hanging around during your weekend excursion at the hot spot? Check out the familiar faces we all try to avoid (or gravitate toward) at the club:

The Ex

people you always see at the club
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When y’all were together, he was mostly bummy-looking and when he finally let you upgrade his look, he started feeling himself too much. Now, he seems to frequent all of your favorite watering holes, and it’s annoying.

The ex-best friend

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She was first in line to holler when your ex dumped you, and it came out of nowhere. He at least gave you the dignity of not accepting her advances, but whenever you see her at the club, she spends her night mean-mugging you and chugging shots of Hennessy. You wished you could have ended the friendship in a better way, but she’s petty.

The fellow church member

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You make no bones about partying one night and worshipping the next, but for some reason, you always run into the holier-than-thou sister who swears she’s there witnessing to lost souls. Yes, Sis. I guess twerking will raise the membership.

The dirty old man

Photo: ourtimepress.com
Photo: ourtimepress.com

He’s hilarious and mostly harmless, but he’s always one of the first ones at the club. You can count on him to try to feel you up, but he’ll also stand up for you when the guys get too aggressive. He always offer to buy you a drink.

The friendly bartender

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She works at the club, so of course she’s a regular. She’s in high demand, and every club wants to hire her because the people love her and she doesn’t skimp on the liquor. She’s talked you through many of your man troubles, yet somehow you never link up outside of the club.

The sleazy bartender

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You can’t ever remember his face for long, but he’s always requesting “Say Ahh” by Trey Songz so he can have some excuse to try to pour liquor into your mouth. He tries to deny it, but everyone knows about his wife and three kids at home. You try to avoid ordering from him.

The party promoter

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You want to slap him for leaving fifty-eleven fliers on your car every time you’re in the club, but he’s fine and ambitious, so you keep letting it slide. The women are all over him, and he enjoys the attention, but you don’t want to be just another one, so you keep your distance.

The artist

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He’s always talking about the album he’s about to release, which never seems to come out. His name dropping gets annoying, but he can sing. You wish him the best, but suspect he’s too content with local fame to really push himself any further.

The model

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Whether she’s relevant in the fashion world or not, she can count on her hometown to make her feel like a star. This is why she makes regular appearances at the club. She likes the attention, but is down to earth and enjoys music and dancing. You suspect she’s dated (or is still dating) the party promoter.

The aggressive flirter

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He’s in your face in line, he’s in your face at the bar (but doesn’t offer to buy you a drink), he’s trying to cut in on every dance on the dance floor, he’s inviting himself to your table… Basically, he’s your worst fear when you go out to the club. He refuses to leave you alone, but you don’t want to be mean to him. You start telling him you have a man.

The cougar

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Your mom’s high school best friend is the queen of “I’ve still got it!” She says she loves being around young people, and that the younger guys are more her speed. You try to alleviate the twinge of embarrassment you feel every time you see her at the club by just quickly waving and moving to the other side of the room.

Are you going out this weekend? Keep an eye out for these familiar faces.

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