Racist Snapchat conversations involving multiple students in North Carolina were brought to light after a 14-year-old Black girl used a white-face profile photo to infiltrate the group and confirm the chat’s existence, reports WTVD.

Cenayia Edwards, a freshman at East Wake High School, said a white friend of hers told her about the alleged group chat, which prompted her to investigate.

“I was like, ‘Add me to it,’ because I wanted to see what they were talking about,” she said. “And I wanted to have proof that they were talking about this.”

After Edwards changed her avatar and was let into the chat, she discovered messages that included slavery references.

“Pullin triggers and shootin n****rs,” and “kill n****r babies,” some of the messages read.

Another post in the chat read “#bringslaveryback.”

One person in the chat, according to the local report, pondered over if they should make their screen name appear as “Black slayer.” Shocked by what she saw, Edwards tried to call out the chat, but others in the messages replied with a meme of a penguin holding a gun along with another message.

That person replied to Edwards’ profile “Shut up n****r.”

Edwards later told her parents about the incident, which led to calls for an investigation into the matter.

One Wake County Schools spokeswoman, Lisa Luten, and one Johnston County School spokesman, Nathanael Shelton, confirmed that the two districts are investigating who will be punished, per AP.

Group chats have proven to be a popular platform for high school students to express their bigotry.

In June 2017, a photo circulated of a Black student with a noose around her neck at a Los Angeles high school. In December of the same year, protests were sparked at a Tennessee high school after a leaked group chat discussed “stringing a n****r up.”