Getting to know your partner is a process and should definitely be taken slowly. Even after dating for months and even years, we still don’t always know all we need to know in order to really build a future with that person.

Here are 15 questions that can help you get to know your partner better to decide whether you’re really a match made in heaven:

“How do you feel about us having individual lives outside of our relationship? Is it important to maintain our friendships, family relationships, personal goals, etc.?”

“Does marriage frighten you?”

“What would you consider to be your personal flaws? What are you doing to change them?”

“Do you believe in investing in our future?”

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“If we have trouble conceiving, are you open to other alternatives such as fertility treatments or adoption?”

“Do you intend to raise our children the same way you were raised, a completely different way or a combination of both?”

“After an argument do you prefer to take some time to yourself or talk it out and find a solution?”

“Do you want us to have separate bank accounts or share one?”

“Do you believe our families should have an influence on our relationship?”

“How would you react if one of our children wasn’t heterosexual?”

“What are your biggest pet peeves when it comes to living together?”

“What aspects of our relationship do you believe should be completely private?”

“Do you believe we should stick the relationship out if one of us isn’t happy?”

“What could I do to make you lose my trust?”

“What’s one thing you would change about me or our relationship?”

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What other questions would you add to this list ? Comment below.

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