France is celebrating a major World Cup victory because of the heroics of 19-year-old Kylian Mbappé.

His two goals gave France the edge over Argentina in the 4-3 victory on Saturday, but Mbappé's greatest accomplishment may not be his skill on the field. News about his charity work circulated online showing the world he's really a great dude. 

According to French sports site L’Equipe, Mbappé has been donating the thousands of dollars he’s earned from playing in the World Cup to the organization Premiers de Cordees association. His bonuses will be given to the charity to help children with disabilities. After each soccer match in the World Cup, he will donate to a different charity that will help a variety of people. 

Many soccer experts put into context how huge Mbappé's goals were. Journalist Gary Lineker wrote Mbappé was the first teen to score twice since English soccer star Michael Owen in 1998. Mbappé is also the first teen to score twice in since Pele versus Sweden in 1958. 

Now that France moves on, Mbappé can continue helping those in need.