A young Detroit woman said she was brutally beaten outside of a National Coney Island restaurant over the weekend by an unidentified white customer. ABC-affiliate WXYZ Detroit reported the woman named Rochelle Page told the news channel she blacked out after the man hit her. 

“He swung on me and hit me, after that I blacked out and woke up in the ambulance,” she told WXYZ.

Page said the assailant, a white man, came up behind her and a friend as they were leaving the restaurant on Saturday after picking up a to-go order. Her friend told her the man was following them. 

“She was like 'stop, hold on, it’s some people behind you.' She never hit them or anything she stopped,” she said.

“The dude, he like kicked her car or whatever and just got to yelling racial slurs out to us,” she continued. "He was calling us n****r."

When she got out of the car to address the man, he allegedly assaulted her, causing the 20-year-old to suffer a concussion.

Earlier this week, Blavity reported on an incident in North Carolina in which a white man was arrested and released shortly after for punching a Black pre-teen girl outside of a mall Saturday night.

Page's mother, Rosie Robinson, is offering $1,000 for any information which could lead to an arrest.

“For her to be my child I felt it deeply. When your child melts and cries in your arms...I didn’t raise my children to have hatred toward anybody. His fate is not in my hands. I am very prayerful and I have a lot of faith that justice will be served," Robinson pleaded.

"I need whoever did this, whoever saw this, the girls that were there to step forward and say something. This man can’t go around hurting Black women, women period and get away with it,” she continued.

Watch the full news report here

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