Leave it to Kanye to think big and do something that the average person wouldn’t attempt. The man who some would call a creative genius is opening up 21 Life of Pablo pop-up shops around the world this weekend. The reach of his pop-up shops is pretty impressive. He has shops popping up in Singapore, Amsterdam and Melbourne.

Have no fear though, Yeezy also has shops popping up in U.S. cities like Atlanta, Detroit, Las Vegas, Chicago and San Francisco.

He announced his pop-up shops on Twitter Wednesday night.

According to Vogue, the store will open for three days featuring Life of Pablo merchandise with each city’s name spelled out in Cali Thornhill DeWitt’s gothic script. If you want to get your hands on the merchandise, you will have to check out kanyewest.com for locations before they open on Friday, August 19.

Yeezy is riding the wave of success from his NYC pop-up earlier this year earning $1 million in just two days.

Good luck. Crowds are sure to form with people trying to get their hands on the highly anticipated line.

Photo: giphy.com

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