This Nigerian cartoon teaches children about African cultures in the most authentic way

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| January 13 2016,

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First released in 2010, Bino and Fino is an animated series, created by EVCL, that aims to fill a much needed niche in contemporary educational children’s programming. Catering primarily to children and families with African ancestry, the Nigerian-produced show takes children on an exciting ride through the continent, as they explore various
cultures, geographies, themes of female empowerment, and science, with their new animated friends, Bino and Fino.
Photo: Courtesy of Bino and Fino
Photo: Courtesy of Bino and Fino
“There’s a missing voice in children’s television in Africa,” Ibrahim Waziri, head of business development at EVCL, explains. “Even in the U.S., how many Black children’s shows can you count on your hand right now? Apart from maybe Doc McStuffins. We want to reach the Black diaspora and families who are interested in knowing more about Africa. And I think right now there is a key interest to learn more about our culture.”
Additional to the educational element of the show is Bino and Fino’s cultural authenticity. The children voices behind the main characters use their Nigerian accents and the characters wear traditional garb. “It’s a show from here, so it has to reflect how people speak,” Waziri says. And while showcasing diverse accents on children’s programming may seem frivolous to some, this small aspect helps children from around the diaspora to further build familiarity with other Black cultures as they head out into our continuously globalized world.
Photo: Courtesy of Bino and Fino
Photo: Courtesy of Bino and Fino
Bino and Fino has been aired across Nigeria, South Africa and the UK, and can be watched online on
Kweli TV, Rainbowme
,  AfroLand TV as well as their
YouTube channel.If you can’t get enough of the show, visit their
website where you can find DVD’s as well as Bino and Fino plush toys, which make the perfect gift for any child.