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When your income supports a family relying on you for financial stability, there isn’t room for a misstep when it comes to money. However, this stressful situation has room to teach kids the importance of money and how one spends it. There are many jobs children can perform that will help them learn the basics of handling their own financials well before they have to deal with the make-or-break scenarios involving work income, taxes, paying for homeowners insurance or supporting others.

I'm breaking down four convenient, fun and safe ways children can become entrepreneurs, start earning their own spending money and learn to manage their spending in addition to, or instead of, an allowance.

1. Outdoor Maintenance

Lawn care can burn a significant hole in your pocket. Whether it’s shoveling during the winter months or maintaining curb appeal during the summer, there is always work to be done. This low equipment and highly physical job is perfect for children to do around the neighborhood. Families near you are more likely to hire children for this due to prices being lower, and kids are going to burn plenty of energy during their work. Not only is this a great way for kids to be active and outside, they can do it with friends and also earn themselves a nice salary for their hard work.

2. Babysitting

Parents are put at ease when the person watching their kids during a night out is someone they know. Enter, your children. Babysitting is a great way for children to learn the importance of being responsible, all while earning money. Your kids can watch children after school, while parents are at work, pick them up from school or work during weekends when parents have outings. You can seek out potential clients by posting on Facebook or asking around.

3. Movers

Moving out of a house is one of the most inconvenient things to do, especially when your possessions are heavy and large. A few strong neighborhood kids working together is the perfect solution to avoid paying high costs for a service. Your child can work with a couple of their strong friends to help neighbors move things around or out of their house. Neighbors will be more inclined to use your children because the price is lower and they’re easier to instruct due to having a previous relationship.

4. Tutoring

If your child has done well in a certain subject or aced a specific class, they could work as a tutor. This is a great position because students need help both during the school year and the summer, meaning work year round. Contact your child’s school or ask around your neighborhood to see if there is anyone in need of help. Professional tutors can end up charging top dollar for a service your child can provide — and with better insight, having previously taken the classes.