4 Types of Insurance You Shouldn’t Live Without

Learn the importance of protecting yourself with these four types of insurances.

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| November 21 2018,

6:47 pm

Adulthood can seem like excessive expenses for protecting the things you finally earned enough money to have in the first place. Though these extra insurances may seem unnecessary, failure to get the right type of protection for your possessions could cost you much more in the long run. Also, the plans are a lot easier to understand than you’ve been lead to believe.

Learn the importance of protecting yourself with these four types of insurances:

1. Car Insurance

If you have a car, legally you are required to have the best car insurance. This is to make sure that your vehicle, your passengers and you are protected if an accident were to occur. If this does happen, your insurance will help you pay for damages. In the case that your car is stolen, insurance can also give you financial support when attempting to resolve that situation.

The only person on the road that you can control is you; it’s best to be protected from the texters, eaters, drunk drivers and daydreamers. If you are putting off getting insurance, imagine getting into an accident tomorrow and having to find a way to fund the repairs. Where would you get the money? How would you get to work? How would your family get to school/prior engagements? Could you perform your daily functions for the entire duration of the repair? You can avoid these situations before they arise by getting car insurance.

2. Life Insurance

Life insurance, in its most basic form, is a series of payments you made during a period of time (ex. 20 years) that equates to a plan of that worth (ex. $2 million). If you pass away during that time period, your beneficiary will get what the policy is worth without being charged tax. Life insurance is essential because, if you were to suddenly pass, people in your life would have to assume the expenses you owe. If you care for someone/a family or if you have debt that you need to pay, your life insurance policy will help lessen the load of those expenses for your loved ones. Also, as those people in your life will now be responsible for themselves without your income, it gives them a cushion of time to better prepare for their future financials.

3. Health, Dental and Vision Insurance

Traditional healthcare plans typically do not include dental and vision plans. That’s why on top of getting healthcare, it is a good idea to invest in your eyes and mouth. Ways to add on this care include finding an employer that puts this additional plan in with traditional healthcare, looking into your current healthcare provider’s offering to add this in at your own expense and going through Medicare or Medicaid.

Whichever path you take to procuring an all-encompassing healthcare plan, having this protection will end up saving you plenty in terms of medical costs. Anything from a chipped tooth repair to a surprise surgery can add up quickly without a plan to help balance out the cost.

4. Renters or Homeowners Insurance

Most of your highest-valued possessions are most likely found in your home. That’s why protecting it with the best homeowners insurance is essential if you’re going to own anything of value. If you are simply renting the property, the homeowner would insure the physical property while your insurance is responsible for the items inside the home.

There are no requirements to have this type of insurance unless you have a mortgage on your home. In this case, you are required to have home insurance. This protection is essential for anything from a break-in to a fire or natural disaster.

Whether you simply need to replace items in your home or rebuild it completely, home insurance is the comfort you need in knowing that you will be able to get the funds to do this. Your home is a large investment, you should be protecting it and everything inside.