5 Black British Podcasts To Add To Your Binge-List This Summer

From endless laughs to hot topics, you need to give these a listen

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| July 05 2018,

7:08 pm

The podcast scene is growing by the minute and it's safe to say black creators everywhere are killing it. If you have yet to find that podcast that has you desperately holding your laughter in on your commute to work, look no further. I have collated a list of the most hilarious and engaging podcasts run by black British millennials.

Currently, this is the podcast I anticipate the most. Ran by the hilarious Ghana's Finest, Tolly T and Milena Sanchez, this weekly podcast is a fine example of sisterhood and a great platform to discuss pressing issues as well as have an uncontrollable laugh on the way to work. With topics such as colorism, transgenderism, friendship, sex, love and all the hilarious analogies proposed by Audrey (Ghana's finest) in between, you will be sure to always take something new from each episode. Personally, I feel like The Receipts Podcast is what my 21-year-old self was in desperate need of and is certainly a podcast that uplifts young women which is always refreshing to see. They answer dilemmas, talk about their own personal experiences and always, always keep it vulnerable and real. These girls are set to win. Listen to them on the Apple Podcasts app or on Soundcloud. 

This podcast is my guilty pleasure. Though some of the things discussed on the podcast are slightly problematic, these 3 guys will have tears rolling down your face from sheer hilariousness. Ran by Marv Abbey, Tazer Black and Mr. Exposed, these 3 host light-hearted but humorous discussions about anything and everything. They have discussed their dating experiences, their lives as entrepreneurs and always share their musical interests with their own personal renditions of their favorites. They embody the London experience and will always leave you entertained with their signature chuckles and reactions to the dilemmas that are sent in. All 3 run their own events, so if you're from London or visiting London check out their socials to find out where to be. Their podcast can be also be found on the Apple Podcasts app as well as Soundcloud.

This is the first podcast I ever got into. Ran by JustGeen & Big Man Yus, this podcast is a healthy balance of EVERYTHING. It is extremely refreshing as it is one of few podcasts that isn't just single gender, so gives you a double-sided outlook on things. They discuss popular culture and sensitive topics with sprinkles of health and fitness, as both of these podcasters are fitness enthusiasts. Its a really interesting dynamic as these 2 actively approach topics in varied ways but usually end their views in unison. JustGeen is extremely inspiring as she is a pioneer of promoting fitness within the black community by women and for women. Their podcast can be found on the Apple Podcast app as well as Soundcloud.

KELECHI OKAFOR. If you do not know this woman who I think is one of the most influential activists in London, you need to get into her. Kelechi who recently has been featured on the amazing "The Grapevine" panel is a powerful, controversial and expressive woman. On her podcast, she boldly discusses racism, microaggressions, white supremacy, misogyny and all the other isms one could possible think of. Her approach is direct and she doesn't need anybody to read in between the lines as she spells out exactly what she means. Kelechi also runs a pole dancing studio which she uses a way to empower women about how they feel in their bodies and to break down the stereotypes built by society. Kelechi is the voice of the people. Find her on the ApplePodcasts app and Soundcloud.

Ran by ChuckieOnline and Poets corner, this podcast (thanks to Chuckie) is usually one of the few politically correct podcasts out there. Together the pair discuss a range of topics ranging from the gang culture in London, The Grenfell Tower tragedy to feminism within the black community. Chuckie offers a mellow and mature approach to topics whilst Poet has a passionate and exuberant approach. One thing I love most about the podcast is how much the two truly care about the topics they are discussing. It is very apparent that these topics aren't simply a ploy to get listens, but topics that they genuinely have an interest in and that makes listens all the more worthwhile. Find them on the ApplePodcasts app and Soundcloud.

Of course there are a lot more black British podcasts out there but currently, these are the ones I can (just about) squeeze into my schedule. Check them out and be warned: YOU. WILL. BE. HOOKED

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