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Amidst these troubling times of quarantine, picking up new in-home habits will be a vital source of entertainment. As the author of the book The Sinning Saint, the following is a recommended list of books that not only inspired me, but will leave you feeling enlightened after reading them during this time.

1. Don't Sweat The Small Stuff…and It's All Small Stuff, Richard Carlson

This book is a classic. Not only because it spent 100 weeks on bestseller lists, but it also instills a mentality that will live on for ages. In this book the author discusses how to manage life's ups and downs without letting it ruin your daily joy. He teaches readers how we can make rational decisions without letting situations drive us emotionally crazy. A great read for everyone, especially the over-thinkers.

2. Peace In His Presence, Sarah Young

This book takes small excerpts from Sarah Young's amazing book Jesus Calling, and creates an intimate poetry and quotes masterpiece. Every page is beautifully covered with images, quotes and Bible scriptures that will speak to your spirit.

3. The Compound Effect, Darren Hardy

This best selling book has remained at the top of the charts for years. Darren Hardy is a financial and career guru who gives you the game unlike you've heard it before. Hardy delivers very detailed yet simple ways in which you can claim victory in your fiances, career and life overall. He breaks down his personal journey and enlightens you with numerous principles, strategies and mentalities which will help you achieve prosperity.

4. First We Make The Beast Beautiful: A New Journey Through Anxiety, Sarah Wilson

No pun intended, this book is beautiful. Sarah Wilson goes by the Chinese proverb that before you can conquer something you must first make it beautiful. In this book she paints a beautiful story of her life while living with anxiety. This book is honest, transparent and warming. There are many books on anxiety, but none match the raw authenticity of this, as she vulnerably discusses trying to understand and manage her struggles.

5. The Sinning Saint, Lamar West

My own published work, The Sinning Saint is a poetic journey from brokenness to wholeness. Each page has a poem which represents me speaking to God, matched with a Bible scripture representing him replying to me, making this a poetic conversation between Christ and I. The first half of the book you see me challenging God on my depression, anxiety, trauma, etc. The second half of the book you witness me fall back in love with God and find healing. What makes this book unique is not only the format, but the idea of using faith to overcome mental health. Most people speak of these two things independent of one another, however, I speak about my relationship with both in a very honest, intimate and transparent way that relates to my generation.