On Friday, October 27 in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, Cardi B's Prince, Offset of the Migos, placed an eight-carat diamond ring on her finger during Philadelphia's Powerhouse Concert. As the crowd screamed and cheered, I began to think to myself, "Well, what's her secret to this glow-up, because I need some!" Now for some of you, you may be looking for that engagement ring, but for me, I'm looking for my glow-up moment to be a "growth-up" moment. Whether your glow-up is financial, physical, purposed, social or even just morphing your fashion style, it doesn't happen overnight! Typically, a glow-up takes about 1–10 years. Now, like you, I am NOT the glow-up expert, but I know what process, ambition and hustle looks like! Between Meek Mill, the glow-up challenge and Patricia Bright, a social media enthusiast, all encouraging the glow-up, let's take a look at our modern day Cinderella, Cardi B, to learn about our own individual glow-up! Here are a few ingredients needed for the glow-up!

Let's get cooking!

Ingredient 1: Started From the Bottom

Cardi B began her career as a stripper in a local NYC strip club. Knowing that the strip club could only provide momentary needs, Cardi B always knew what her true passion was, which was to be a creative artist. Cardi B always embraced her "low point" but she knew it was never her "end point". As we are in our glow-up, we must look at where we are, what valuable lessons we can gain from it and, of course, where we are going in our purpose.Photo: Facebook

Ingredient 2: Be YOU

Cardi B has always been herself! From her funny catch phases to her organic gestures, you can't find anyone on the planet that is simply like Cardi B. When you are in your glow-up, be you! Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT choose to glow-up for anyone else but you! Your glow-up is necessary for you! Remember to be organic because people can read through the fake!  


Ingredient 3: Hustle Hard

Cardi B's hustle is truly iconic in its own right. Within a year, she was on Love & Hip-Hop, departed from the cast and took over the world literally in one night. You are thinking, "Well, she must have some good marketing and publicity behind her." Well kudos to her publicist, @iam_kingpee, but Cardi B's work ethic was well established before she had a publicist. Cardi B always talked about going out there and getting it by "any means necessary!" Now, I'm not saying go to the bank and demand a lump some of money, but hustle for what you want! Hustling requires mental preparation and true ambition. If want that waist line to become snatched, work harder! The career that you are interested in, go after it and never look back! 


Ingredient 4: The Sauce

Cardi B has the sauce! From the latest hair trends, to fashion designers calling her name! Now, let's not forget our little "Hip-Hop Cinderella" always wears FashionNova clothing and is very quick to pair it with designer chic! Which leaves us with the fact that Cardi B, truly knows who she is! Cardi B will give you designer looks, but she also give you a "Fashionista On A Budget" as well. When you have the sauce you don't need designer, you create your own look, own lane and individuality. There is never any room not to have too much sauce!


Ingredient 5: Be Patient and Hopeful

As many of us would love for it to happen overnight, in reality success isn't an overnight scenario. Listen, if we could reach our goals without going through the hard times, it would just be goals and no lessons learned from it! Respect the waiting process. The waiting process is the key to your glow-up success. While you are waiting for your breakout moment, always work hard and TRUST THE PROCESS.

All of the above ingredients will have you prepared for the true glow-up, but everyone's process is different! You may not be a Cardi B, but you are YOU and everyone deserves a glow-up! Gather these ingredients and get your glow-up on!