More than one million people flocked to Instagram Live on Thursday night to watch the "Verzuz" battle between legendary Atlanta rappers Gucci Mane and Jeezy, which was held at Magic City strip club. The two artists, who've shared a mutual disdain for each other, experienced some moments of turbulence during the battle, but ended the show with mutual respect and gave fans plenty to remember.

Gucci asks Stacey Abrams to clear his record

Before the battle kicked into full gear, former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams made an appearance on the big screen in the club. 

"Thank you guys for letting me crash before what I know is the battle to end all battles of 'Verzuz.' So thank you for giving me some street cred with my nieces and nephews," the social justice advocate said to the musicians. 

Gucci, who is well-aware of the progressive effort Abrams leads in the state, took the opportunity to ask for a personal favor.

"Can you wipe my record clean," the rapper asked.

While she doesn't exactly have the power to grant Gucci's wish, Abrams raised awareness about the pivotal upcoming run-off election which will decide the fate of the state's senate seats. 

"That's a job that the governor could do. You know, we'll have to think about that later," Abrams said in response to Gucci's request. "But for right now we can at least make sure that everyone shows up to vote so we have two senators to make sure we have COVID-19 response and we've got stimulus money coming back to Georgia."

The activist also thanked the rappers for the work they have done in helping formerly incarcerated voters.

"I just wanted to say thank you to both of you, especially for the work you've done to encourage folks who are coming back, returning citizens, to know that they have the right to vote," she said. "I've got a younger brother whose been in and out of the system and I know that redemption is real and I know that the voices that these men and women can bring to our state matter. So thank you for the work you've done."

Magic City serves as the venue

Early in the show, Jeezy gave props to Magic City, the club where the battle took place. 

"I wanted everybody across the world to come to this club because this s**t is legendary," the rapper said. "This club made stars."

The 43-year-old then showed love to one of the prominent DJs at the club.

"He goes by the name of DJ Fernando," Jeezy said. "He broke my records in this club. He made me worldwide. I wanna give him his praises." 

According to TMZ, Magic City normally serves as a strip joint, but it was rearranged to accommodate the season 2 premiere of "Verzuz."

Jeezy tries to clear the air

A tense moment in the show occurred after Gucci played "Truth," the 2012 diss track that mocks Jeezy's late friend, Pookie Loc. Jeezy decided to set the record straight after feeling disrespected.

"Put that n***a's a*s in the dirt," Gucci said after wrapping up his song. "Smoking on Pookie Loc tonight."

Jeezy, however, who managed to keep his cool the entire battle, stood up and tried to settle the beef between the two rappers.

"When I called you and extended this invite, I did so as a real man," he said. "The s**t we came from in the street, dawg, you see that we been through it. Twenty years. And when I said I wanted to do this s**t for the culture, that’s what I wanted to do. I brought you here to show you the world care about what the f**k we got going on 'cause we are the culture. You feel me? Me and you, where we came from, what we been through, n***a, us."

Jeezy then immediately dropped his song "Get Ya Mind Right," claiming he's the realest in the streets. 


"Put On" gets social media jumping

There was plenty to get excited about throughout the show, but social media especially blew up when Jeezy performed his 2008 hit, "Put On." The song brought back some sweet memories for dozens of longtime fans.

For some viewers, that was the only song they needed to see in order to decide the winner.

The rapper's close out the battle with their joint song "So Icy" and end the beef of all beefs

Despite their differences, the musicians came together at the end of the show and performed "So Icy."

Despite some tense moments between the two rappers, the show went on and eventually came to a peaceful ending. 

"I appreciate you for throwing out the olive branch," Gucci said at the end of the show. "No disrespect. It's all love."

Some fans, however, found it funny to see Gucci showing love after all the dissing he had done. 

According to Vulture, Jeezy and Gucci have been feuding since 2005, arguing about who owns the right to “Icy.” The confrontation between the artists led to the death of Pookie Loc, who was shot after allegedly trying to rob Gucci with four other men.