SZA broke the internet, again. The singer and songwriter is making headlines for her viral Twitter response to a TikTok user who implied that she was a lesbian. When a Twitter fan brought the TikTok video to her attention, she seemingly corroborated the rumor by responding “It’s not wrong lol.” Many fans applauded her response, praising her for embracing her sexuality. Others speculated that she was faking, drawing attention to some of the men she’s been known to date in the past.

No stranger to speculation and rumors, this is far from SZA’s first time creating a stir online. In a 2021 Twitter post, she caused quite the commotion after revealing that she had turned down a photoshoot from a magazine publication because they wouldn’t allow her to have a Black photographer.

“I requested a black photographer for a cover n the mag told me no lol its 2021.. and almost Juneteenth. Respectfully I can’t do it,” she wrote at the time.

There are many facets of SZA that the general public, and even some fans, don’t know about her. But anyone who’s been a fan of SZA long enough probably knows that she can be pretty open about her life on her various social media accounts like Twitter and Instagram.

Fortunately, that’s not the only place where she shares her life and emotions with her audience. Her music speaks deeply to fans, and for good reason. Here are five SZA songs that you need to add to your playlist.