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5 Things To Watch If You Really Need A Laugh

In this crazy world, thank God for the internet.

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If we’re being real about it, there’s enough madness going on in the world to make us want to curl up in a ball and cry until President Obama gets re-elected. Since the chances of the latter happening are slim to none, it’s probably best that we focus our energies elsewhere.

Thank God for the internet. If it wasn’t for this endless source of viral memes, 30-sec sketch videos, and the genius that is Black Twitter, there’s no telling what the fabric of our emotional stability would be rooted in. Sure, there’s nothing funny about our inept president having access to our nuclear codes or the tense or 1960’s-esque racial climate we’re currently experiencing, but instead of spiraling into a wayward depression, I choose to laugh.

1.)    Woody McClain (@woody_thegreat): You may recognize Woody from his standout role as Bobby Brown in BET’s epic biopic, The New Edition Story, but before he made his appearance on our television screens, he was (and is still) cracking us up on Instagram. From his parody videos of classic scenes from Bad Boys II to his “Issa No” saga, his pure, comedic talent will have you wondering why this boy doesn’t have his own show already. He’s sharp but also uses his platform to collaborate with up-and-coming artists and fellow viral comedy counterparts. I can always go to his page for a much needed “keke.”

2.)    Hot Ones: As twisted as it may seem, there’s something strangely entertaining about watching your favorite celebrities inflict pain on themselves while eating chicken wings doused in dangerously HOT hot sauce. Enter Hot Ones. It’s the show with “hot questions and even hotter wings,” hosted by Sean Evans, and has taken the internet by storm. Celebrities like Kevin Hart and DJ Khaled have all tried their hand at the challenge presented to them in the form of crispy poultry, putting their taste buds and sanity to the test as they indulge in hot wings covered in sauces ranging from 2,100 to 350,000 scoville levels, a.k.a, hot as hell. My personal favorite episode features Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, director of the box office smash, Get Out. If you thought these two were funny already, watch how they react with a couple of wings in their mouth.

3.)    Dormtainment: Going back to my college days, these guys have become my personal comic relief and friends in my head. Over the years, this group made up of 5 friends, Chaz, Rome, Mike, Chad, and Emmanuel, have been able to cultivate their cult-like fan base through comedy skits on YouTube, their YouTube Red series, SNAP!, and Kevin Hart’s new comedy platform, Laugh Out Loud. The Dormtainment catalog runs deep, so whether you start at the top, bottom, or in the middle, you’re sure to have plenty to ugly laugh over.

4.)    Jasmine Luv (luv_jj): Now you know this list wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t show love to the ladies. Jasmine Luv is down right hilarious. Every time she drops a new video, I’m first in line to get a laugh. Her Instagram videos cover a range of relatable topics like, "That Friend That's Always Late," "Interviews in 2017," and have even featured celebrities like Niecy Nash and Karrueche. Originally from South Carolina and currently residing in Los Angles, Jasmine is sure to be one of the next leading ladies in comedy.

5.)   Desus & Mero: These two are a mess and I mean that in the most positive and loving way possible. This duo has come a long way since their videos on Desus vs. Mero on Complex videos and rough upbringing in Bronx, NY. After meeting each other back in high school, then reconnecting by chance over of the internet, the two have cultivated a bromance that has allowed them to create a standout podcast, The Bodega Boys, and a self-titled late night TV show on Viceland. The magic between the two of them is their chemistry: their ability to bounce jokes and “hot takes” off of one another to fill their hour long segments, it’s pretty incredible and speaks to their raw talent. You’ll sure to see more from these Bronx natives in the near future but feel free to catch up now.  

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