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5 times Amir Sulaiman proved he's the greatest living poet

I am of the opinion that Amir Sulaiman is the greatest living poet. I don't weep in public and I barely weep in private. However, the first time I saw Amir Sulaiman perform, I burst into tears. Amir is a mountain that moves rivers, instead of the other way around. With April being National Poetry Month, it's only necessary to reflect back on some of his most amazing moments:

When he tackled one of the most avoided elements of our trauma by reminding the survivor of their beauty...

When he straight up Larry-Fishburne-in-School-Daze-ed us, like "WAAAAAKE UUUUUP!"

But then he became "Danger..."

...reminding us that the night is always darkest before the sun is bright.

...and so ultimately, as a people, WE MUST WIN.

What's your favorite Amir Sulaiman poem? Let us know in the comments below!

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