5 times Amir Sulaiman proved he's the greatest living poet

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| April 12 2016,

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I am of the opinion that Amir Sulaiman is the greatest living poet. I don't weep in public and I barely weep in private. However, the first time I saw Amir Sulaiman perform, I burst into tears. Amir is a mountain that moves rivers, instead of the other way around
When he tackled one of the most avoided elements of our trauma by reminding the survivor of their beauty...
When he straight up Larry-Fishburne-in-School-Daze-ed us, like "WAAAAAKE UUUUUP!"But then he became "Danger..."
...reminding us that the night is always darkest before the sun is bright.
...and so ultimately, as a people, WE MUST WIN.What's your favorite Amir Sulaiman poem? Let us know in the comments below!

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