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7 Commencement Speeches That Have Blessed The Class Of 2017

Our favorite public figures are spitting words of wisdom for the future.

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Let’s be honest, graduation season is one of the best times of the year. Whether you’re putting behind those childhood days as you graduate high school, realizing shit just got real as you graduate undergrad or you’re actually really smart and found your purpose as you graduate grad/law/medical school, it’s all worth celebrating! Mazel tov to you, your family and your support system because it’s not easy!

2017 graduation season is well on its way and we’ve already been graced by some life changing, inspiring speeches from our favorite public figures. Here’s our seven favorite speeches and some takeaways to keep with you as you venture into your next chapter.

Oprah Winfrey, Agnes Scott University

Photo: AJC
Photo: AJC

Photo: AJC

The biggest reward is not financial benefits, though it’s really good, you can get a lot of great shoes!” Those of you who have a lot of shoes know having a closet full of shoes doesn’t fill up your life. Living a life of substance can... substance through your service.”

Pharrell Williams, New York University

Photo: Just Jared

“Your generation is unraveling deeply entrenched laws, principles, and misguided values that have held women back for far too long. And therefore, have held us all back: the human race. ...This is the first generation that navigates the world with the security and confident to treat women as equal.”

Janelle Monae, Dillard University

Photo: CampusLately

“It’s our responsibility to sustain the future now...I challenge you to choose freedom over fear!”

Cory Booker, University of Pennsylvania

Photo: CBS Philly

“We can never allow our inability to do everything, undermine our determination to do something.”

Octavia Spencer, Kent State University

Photo: Kent.edu

“It’s your turn to choose and define what success means to you. Now, others will try to define it for you. But yours is the only voice that matters. The journey you take now will be led by you alone.”

Kamala Harris, Howard University

Photo: Howard.edu

“In these unprecedented times you must ask, “How will I serve?” , “How will I lead?”

Katherine Johnson, Hampton University

Photo: New Journal and Guide

“Always do your best for whatever you’re doing but enjoy life! As it passes by you don’t miss anything.”

Congratulations to the class of 2017!

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