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In honor of their birthday, it’s only fair to honor one of my favorite rappers, Angel Haze. I remember when I first heard Haze, I was hooked. The song “Battle Cry”  feat. Sia (TW: child abuse, sexual abuse) took me to church and back. Since that moment, I listened to every song on the album Dirty Gold and started listening to some of their mixtapes, too. Angel Haze is an amazing artist that deserves far more credit, and here are seven reasons why.

1. Haze is an amazing rapper. Have you heard “Cleanin’ my Closet” or “Angels and Airwaves?” (TW: Child abuse, sexual abuse, self-harm, suicide)

2. They kill the dyed-hair and hat game like nobody’s business. Haze makes me want to start wearing fedoras and flannels.

Photo: Tumblr

3.  Did you know they can also sing? *faints*

4. They will send some of the most positive energy and messages your way.

5. They know what the good life is. I mean we all saw Riri’s butt in BBHMM and fainted… or maybe that was just me.

6. They have jokes for days. The way my bank account is set up I need me a Suga Daddy….

7. They are absolutely gorgeous in both body and mind. *fangirls*

Photo: IntoTheGloss

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