Thanksgiving is near, which means the need for #ThanksgivingClapbacks will soon come, as well. Though the smell of good home cooking is always welcoming, what isn't so welcome is the barrage of questions that flow like gravy over mashed potatoes.

The most anxiety-inducing relative is that nosy auntie or never-minding-their-own-business cousin, who can't wait to ask about the mate they know damn well doesn't exist. (Because if they did exist, they'd probably be there with you, right?)

Even if you are boo'ed up, you still may not be safe. Your invasion of privacy will then probably come in the form of, "So when you are two going to start a family?"

Thanksgiving clapbacks can get really cruel and can even possibly taint your turkey. So we're here to provide you a possible list of more respectful clapbacks. We're not trying to get anyone kicked outside in the cold with an empty stomach. Besides, there's no shade like polite shade, folks.

Scenario 1: Where is your boyfriend/girlfriend?