Tamron Hall, award-winning journalist and new mom, chartered an unpaved road to her recent success on the Tamron Hall Show, now syndicated on eight stations. After NBC’s controversial decision to replace her segment with that of conservative host Megyn Kelly, Hall left the network, sending a clear message: she’d take her chances on the unknown before “settling for less,” according to People. Indeed, the Texas native seems to have landed neatly on her feet and with her and husband Steven Greener’s baby boy populating her social media feed, securely in love’s embrace. Here are seven things to know about Greener, the man in Hall’s life:

1. He joked about marrying Hall on the first date.

“We knew each other for about four years and kept running into each other,” Hall told Ryan Seacrest. “He said he was hitting on me, but his game was not up to par. … All of a sudden he asked me out for pizza … and said ‘let’s get married.’ … We moved in together three weeks later.” Hall recalled the memories with a smile, adding that she would assure her mother that her live-in beau was simply stopping by.

2. He works in showbiz.

Greener, who Hall mistakenly assumed was trying to "represent her," is a music executive. A partner at music company Primary Wave,  Greener has worked with acts like Brandy, Fantasia and Cee Lo Green, according to the company website. He got his start managing Will Smith in his role on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Indeed, the 90s proved quite productive for Greener, who also has production credits at Elephant Walk Entertainment, home of The Bernie Mac Show. Later, he and Mac met again on the set of Guess Who, where Greener was executive producer.

3. He's a first-time dad.

After years of keeping her personal life as private as possible, Hall unveiled her greatest life update in a single Instagram post, writing, “It’s clear a daytime talk show isn’t the only thing I’ve been trying to produce!” adding that “My husband Steven and I are beyond excited!”

In the now one-year-old post, Hall beams with one hand on her rounded belly, literally bursting with the news. Later, the new mom introduced baby Moses to her Instagram family, teasing that more would be revealed. Hall ultimately made a habit of sharing pictures of the bundle of joy and has even opened up about her struggles with fertility. The couple used in vitro fertilization to bring baby Moses into the world. 

4. He and Hall relish their privacy.

The Emmy nominee maintains that she was not secretive with news of the couple’s engagement, but strategic about what she chooses to divulge in her professional life. Hall explained to People that she never spoke too much about her love life on-air, cautious not to expose her husband to potential embarrassment. 

5. The two embraced a multicultural birthing experience.

"He's Jewish, so we had a bris here at the house," Hall told People of the traditional Jewish circumcision. "My mom nearly passed out.” The Texas native went on to explain that the couple will later take the baby boy for a traditional Baptist christening at his grandmother’s southern church. 

6. He was a “first” for Hall.

In an interview with People, the journalist explained that Greener, her "deepest, greatest love” was the first man she’d been with after leaving NBC, a transition wrought with emotions and controversy. Hall’s temporary time slot at NBC was permanently filled by Megyn Kelly, a conservative known for her segments on Fox, while the station maintains that Hall was encouraged to stay on. A source close to the journalist told People that Hall felt slighted by the network’s ill-defined offering and deemed the transition a demotion. Nevertheless, for Hall, this one dark cloud came with a silver lining. Greener, her beau-to-be, would get to fall in love with the real her, unplugged, she told People.

7. He says he’s "at home" with Hall and baby Moses.

The new dad told People that he is “constantly amazed by how lucky” he is.

“Tamron is one of the most authentic, loving, honest, caring people I’ve ever known. My favorite part of marriage and fatherhood so far is realizing every day I am exactly where I was always meant to be — with my family. I am home," he shared.

Greener, who Hall says “never thought he’d be a dad," told People that he is adjusting just fine.